For me recycling means that I have failed at the other two R's: Reducing and Reusing, still recycling is better than sending stuff to the landfill. For me source sorting recycleables is the best way for the following reasons: no aditional work, just throw things into the right bin; recycleables are clean; keeping food waste/perishables separate eliminates smell as you just throw your food waste in the compost daily, then the recycleables can be picked up whenever you have colected a sufficient quantity, saving fuel for the recycler and giving you a better price for the recycleables.


In most places I have three bins: one for recycleable, one for food waste and one for mixed, but this depends on the location. Under my desk I have three: Paper, and other recycleables. In my kitchen I have compostable, other recycleables and one for mixed.

In my waste section I have the following bins:

  1. PET
  2. HDPE
  3. LDPE
  4. PP
  5. Other Plastics
  6. Cardboard (not in picture)
  7. Paper
  8. Iron
  9. Aluminium
  10. Compostable
  11. Dangerous: Batteries

I happen to run a company which sells waste balers, so after I collect aprox. 50-100 kg of each material I make a bale and sell it to whatever factory recycles the respective material. PS: My compost needs more care...