The action that triggered this rant is when two people whom I work with saw a little, non threatening snake. Their only reaction was to kill it by driving over it, and that is not all, they did not even kill it properly, they drove over the back half.

I have the following problems with this:

Just for the record in case these sorts of people do come face to face with an animal which is stronger than them my only wish is that the animal acts in the same way, the idea is though that if the animal is not a carnivore or thretened it will not attack without a reason like man does, it will let man attack first giving the animal the disadvantage.

With that introduction my anger about this event is out of the way. It seems that people who have completely lost touch with nature seem to think that everything in nature is out to get them, be it reptiles, microbes or even harmless animals in out own class: Mammalia. It seems that most of modern mankind is in war with nature, yet they want a sanitized, domesticated version of wilderness which in it's self is a contradiction.

What this does to me is say two things. Number one: We, mankind are victorious, to hell with all others, and this is not the worst part. The worst part is that we can not make it without all of nature's other life-forms, we trap, domesticate and industrialize them without taking into account their life and then they also think that it is all-right for them. Take for example cows for meat, an animal which has quite a lot of genetic material in common with humans, most people do not consider there to be anything wrong with feeding up animals for meat without any concern for the living conditions for these critters and then it is also acceptable to throw meat in the trash if you do not feel like consuming it while fresh. But common people will not be inhumane with a cow for no reason, but as long as they do not see the inhumanity it is all-right, even to let an animal die for no reason (by throwing away meat). We can not even produce the oxygen we need in order to breathe by ourselves, we rely on plants to do this for us, yet we cut them down without any thought.

PS: I asked a guy from the company which delivered my warehouse doors about how we can make sure that mice and other animals do not get in threw the brush on the underside. His response was: It is not a problem if they get in, there are these cardboard boxes with poisson, place a few of those inside the warehouse and the mice will eat it and die. Seriously? Just by tightening up a little we can avoid both the costs and cleanup required for the poisson which kills the mice and we can also avoid killing the mice, but no, not a single thought about how it might feel for a mouse to be poissoned... and all the poisson released into the environment.