Openbsd usage by dotbit

OpenBSD Tips

vipf: Like vipw (8) but for pf

setxkbmap 'ro(std_cedilla)' for Romanian characters in X. Example: setxkbmap -layout "us,ro(std_cedilla),se,gr" -option grp:rwin_toggle

Epson M3170 inkjet PPD, First install epson-inkjet-printer-escpr. This file has the wrapper path adjusted for OpenBSD.

Software that Sucksless

that I use
Game of TreesLike git, but sane
Suckless dwmTiling window manager in less than 2000 SLOC
mupdfSimple and concise pdf viewer/tool from the makers of Ghostscript.

Things you will never find on my computer


HTML Codes

Unicode flags: 🇬🇧 🇷🇴 🇸🇪 🇬🇷

DisplayFriendly CodeNumerical CodeHex CodeDescription
Ă ĂĂCapital A-breve
ă ăăLowercase a-breve
 ÂÂÂCapital A-circumflex
â âââLowercase a-circumflex
ΠÎÎÎCapital I-circumflex
î îîîLowercase i-circumflex
Ș ÚÚCapital S-comma
ș ÛÛLowercase s-comma
Ş ŞŞCapital S-cedilla
ş şşLowercase s-cedilla
Ț ȚȚCapital T-comma
ț țțLowercase t-comma
Ţ ŢŢCapital T-cedilla
ţ ţţLowercase t-cedilla