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On the LibreBe page I wish to publish life/eco hacks that make doing things more convenient, cheaper, put the doer in control and has the potential to have zero environmental impact.

If you have any suggestions feel free to send them to me by email at dotbit at this domain.

General Procedures



Things I could do in my warehouse

Warehouse is 800 m^2, 7m high. Three people work here atm.

PV Pannels on roof

Difficulty: Hard. Problems:

  1. Profile energy consumption. Figure out how much is current (needs battery) and how much can be stored (ex. compressed air, hot water, battery electric vehicle)
  2. Find electrical energy intensive production that can consume all the excess solar energy as it is produced.
  3. Create an electrical system that takes the above into account while ensuring unintreruptable power for daily operations. Can I use a HVDC system or should I use a traditional AC inverter to power everything. What about lighting and computers: They are DC, so are PV pannels. Why the AC?

Collect rainwater

Difficulty: Easy. Probably with collectors (hoses) with overflow I could collect water from 1600 m^2 (also my neighbours)