2008-11, La Om peak, Romania, 2237 m
2009-08, Skala, Olympus, Greece, 2866 m
When it's cloudy on mount Olympus, they say that Zeus is having an affair.
2010-08, Vaiuga Saddle, Romania, 2416 m
2011-09, Hengill volcano, Iceland, ~800 m
To the left of the cracks is the European tectonic plate, I'm on the American one.
2014-07-05, Vanatoarea lui Buteanu, Romania (2507 m) looking east
Selfshot was too ugly this time.
2016-07-09, Vanatoarea lui Buteanu, Romania (2291 m)
Group excursion, easy hike, sunburn afterwards.....

Between 1991-1994 I lived near the Agrafa mountains, central Greece in a small village (appr. 900 m altitude ) where I used to spend most of my time outdoors.

After having lived in the noisy, dirty, polluted and stressed city, as soon as I passed my driving test in 2007, I started going to the mountains. After draging friends/relatives along I realized that up on the mountains I was always going to be happier being alone with Mother Nature.

At least on small rocks it gives me the greatest pleasure to visually pick a path to the peak while at the base of the mountain instead of following a charted trail, this way it is my little piece of freedom: I made it without the help of others who have tried to sanitize the wilderness.